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deep-fried tofu sushi

  • Makes 12
  • Calories: 155 kcal
  • Total Time: 2 h 20 m
    • Prep: 1 h 45 m
    • Cook: 35 m
  • Japanese: Inari-zushi
deep-fried tofu sushi


Step 1

step 1:

Cut the deep-fried tofu pouches in half.

Step 2

step 2:

Gently open to make a deep bag.

Step 2

step 3:

Bring to a boil 260 ml of the water in a pan and add the deep-fried tofu pouches. Boil for a few minutes on medium heat to remove the oil. Drain the deep-fried tofu pouches in a colander and let them cool. Discard the water. Squeeze the water from the deep-fried tofu pouches with hands.

Step 3

step 4:

Return the pouches to the pan together with the sugar, soy sauce and the remaining 100 ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove pan from heat and let cool.

Step 4

step 5:

Mix the sushi rice and the black sesame seeds (optional).

Step 5

step 6:

Squeeze the stock from the deep-fried tofu pouches lightly with hands.

Step 6

step 7:

Take a suitable amount of sushi rice and lightly press it in your hand into the same shape as the tofu pouch. Then insert into each tofu pouch.



In Japan, Deep-Fried Tofu Sushi has been eaten for over 150 years. Because the oil is removed, it is very healthy.

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