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rice stuffed omelet with ketchup

  • Serves: 1
  • Calories: 727 kcal
  • Japanese: Omu-raisu
Rice Stuffed Omelet with Ketchup


Step 1

step 1:

Beat the eggs, and mix in the milk, salt and pepper.

Step 2

step 2:

Heat the butter on medium heat in a frying pan and add the eggs. Add the fried rice & chicken with ketchup.

Step 3

step 3:

Wrap the fried rice with the egg. Remove from the heat.


Place on a plate and pour ketchup over it and serve.


Omu-raisu is an original Japanese dish and is very popular, especially among women and children. It is cooked at home and in western-style restaurants called “omu-rice” restaurants. (“Omu” is an abbreviation of “omelet” and “raisu” is Japanese for “rice.”)