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my impressions of japanese food

  • Dec. 12, 2009
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There are many Japanese foods that I really love and some I find very strange. I love Okonomiyaki and that other yaki? HMMMM-from one old neighborhood in Tokyo- You need to put your jacket in a bag when you eat there so your clothes don't take on the cooking smell?

I love the barley tea-Mugi? I think the selection of drinks in the machines are wonderful. I wish we had yakitori bars here- all of the Japanese restaurants serve the same dishes here. I would like yakitori selections, sukiyaki restaurants, Okonomiyaki restuarants, and simple Japanese style curry bowls and rice balls.

My favorite just may be the selection of ice cream! Rice! and sweet potato!

Now- on the other hand- I am often afraid that I am unknowingly eating fish parts. I did not enjoy the small unborn baby fish garnishing my salad. I don't want to buy almonds and tiny dried fish with eyes for a snack. And of course, NATTO!!! I understand it is very healthy but that gelatinous texture makes it very unappealing.

I hope this is interesting to you!