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sharing in knack of japanese cooking

  • Jan. 8, 2010
  • Comments by:
    Yoshiaki Shibusawa
  • Living in:
  • Profession:
    The Japan America Society of St. Louis
  • Position:
    Chairman Emeritus
  • Website:
    Japan America Society of St. Louis

Japanese cuisine is getting more and more popular in America these days. Americans are attracted to Japanese food not only for its palatability but also for its healthiness.

Most Americans, however, are not yet into cooking Japanese dishes themselves. It is partly because they do not know what and/or where to buy the necessary ingredients. But it is mostly because they do not know the recipes.

Since the Japan America Society of St. Louis had introduced Japanese cooking a few times in news letters in the past, we were excited when Kenji and Manami Imai offered us the opportunity to post in our web page the step-by-step, pictorial recipes they authored of popular Japanese cuisines. We were also able to print the recipes in our news letter to be distributed among our members and friends.

Japan is no longer called an economic invader as she was in 1980’s but she has been enjoying a minor cultural boom in America and I think her culinary culture is the integral part of it. The Imai brother and sister’s effort in introducing simplified Japanese cooking to the people here undoubtedly deserves hearty commendation.