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  • Nov. 19, 2009
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    Cynthia Chaffee
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When I eat Japanese food, I feel very satisfied. There are so many nutrients that make up Japanese food, so many textures, so many tastes that one is surprised and pleased constantly. Also, every ingredient is so carefully chosen and is the best available. No pale pink tomatoes and damp iceberg (non-nutritious) lettuce in Japan.

Rather bright red cherry tomatoes, crisp many colored lettuces, fresh onions of many types, perhaps some feathery seaweed and / or cabbage, many other vegetables may show up even potato or egg salad all topped with a delicious sesame salad dressing.

Rice (gohan=the word for meal in Japanese) is such a satisfying food. It can be sprinkled with shiso (an herb) or made into bolls with salmon or plums inside or can be eaten plain. It is a pure filling and delicious food that goes with almost every meal.

Traditional treatment of various foods, fish (sushi and sashimi), meats and vegetables (nabe, shabu-shabu), eel, bamboo shoots, many ingredients like chrysanthemum leaves, mizuna, komatsuna, that are rarely found in the west these many splendored ingredients add unusual flavor and health giving magic to this satisfying Japanese cuisine.