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How to Eat Shabu-Shabu

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Prepare ingredients and dipping sauces. (Details are explained in the “Shabu-Shabu Recipe”.) Place the dried sea tangle in a pan. Add the water and boil.


Pour about 3 tablespoons of either dipping sauce into each serving bowl. (Sesame sauce is shown in the picture.)


With chopsticks take one piece of meat and swish it a short time in the boiling broth. Be careful not to overcook the meat because that will make it less delicious.


Dip into a ponzu soy sauce (shown in picture) or a sesame sauce (shown above). Then each person should cook more meat in the same manner a couple of times so that the broth will become tastier for cooking the vegetables and tofu.


Add a few tofu pieces, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables into the pan. When done, they are dipped into the sauce.


Then cook more meat. Skim off any surface scum. Add more tofu pieces, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables in the same manner. In case the dipping sauce becomes too weak, add more to your bowl.


You can also add cooked thick white noodles (udon) or instant noodles last. After boiling, they are dipped into the sauce.