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How to Prepare Matcha (Powdered Green Tea) Easily


Matcha (powdered green tea) came from China in the 12th century and became widespread in Japan. Master Sen no Rikyū (1522 - 1591) created the Japanese tea ceremony. There are three major schools of the tea ceremony in modern Japan (Omotesenke, Urasenke and Mushakōjisenke). The way of preparing matcha depends on the school. Here we explain an easy way to prepare it.



Adding boiling water to matcha powder (powdered green tea leaves) can make lumps, which you do not want when preparing matcha. Therefore, sifting the matcha powder before preparing matcha is recommended.


Put the matcha powder in a matcha bowl.


Add the water.


First, stir to dissolve the matcha powder with a chasen, and then whisk quickly back and forth. When the surface becomes a soft light froth, slowly take out the chasen.


Matcha is a little more bitter and has a stronger taste than regular green tea. It is common to eat Japanese sweets before drinking matcha.


A matcha bowl is a special china bowl used for drinking matcha. The major shapes are cylindrical and hiranari (spread at the top). The hiranari is used especially in summer to cool the tea down more quickly. Matcha bowls made by famous ceramists are very expensive and are exhibited in museums.

Chashaku is a special bamboo tea scoop used in making matcha.

Natsume is a wooden container covered with Japanese lacquer in which matcha is stored.

Chasen is used in mixing matcha powder and boiling water. Chasen is almost always made from bamboo.