“J-Simple Recipes” is the abbreviation for “Japanese Simple Recipes.”
We explain Japanese recipes you can easily cook, as well as typical meals, foodstuffs & table manners.

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Word Tidbits
Food Words
Pickled Onion more
Braised Green Pepper more
Flaked Salmon Rice Ball more
Oysters & Tofu Miso Soup more
Fried Noodles-Stuffed Omelet more
Spinach & Pork One-Pot more
Japanese Fish-Shaped Hot Cakes more
Spaghetti with Japanese-Style Sauce more
Matcha No-Bake Cheesecake more
Shiitake Mushroom & Tofu Clear Soup more
Chinese-Style Pork Curry Rice more
Hijiki Tempura more
Bean Sprouts with Sesame Seed Dressing more
Cold Kishimen more
Japanese-Style Rolled Cabbage more
Pork Cutlets with Worcestershire Sauce Bowl more
Buckwheat Noodles with Mixture of Onions & Carrots Tempura more
Fried Chicken, Green Beans & Carrot with Sticky Sauce more
Ginger-Seasoned Rice more
Tuna Simmered in Soy Sauce more
Deep-Fried Mashed Tofu & Vegetable Balls more
Mushroom Soup with Soy Sauce more
Teriyaki Beef Steak Bowl more
Fried Noodles with Scallops & Shrimps more
Scrambled Eggs with Kobucha & Cheese more
Japanese-Style Fried Rice with Lettuce more
Imabari-Style Char Siu & Eggs Bowl more
Braised Chicken & Onion more
Rousong & Egg Bowl more
Chicken Saute with Balsamic & Soy Sauce more
Japanese-Style Shrimp Pilaf more
Deep-Fried Breaded Prawn Bowl more
Frosted Potatoes with Butter more
Fried Thin White Noodles with Mushrooms more
Seafood Salad with Soy Sauce Jelly more
Matcha Ganache more
Dry Curry more
Fried Rice with Garlic & Soy Sauce more
Asparagus with Sesame Seed Dressing more
Deep-Fried Breaded Chicken Cutlets more
Corn Miso Soup more
Simmered Pork Spareribs with Soy Sauce more
Kishimen with Shrimp Tempura & Grated Radish more
Egg Bowl more
Chilled Tofu with Olive Oil more
Steamed Rice with Red Beans more
Matcha Mousse more
Raw Salmon Carpaccio more
Beef Cutlet Sandwich more
Chilled Chinese Noodles with Meat, Egg & Vegetables more
Pickled Cucumbers more
Japanese-Style Sauteed Pork & Kimchi more
Rolled Omelet with Soup Stock more
Grilled Atlantic Mackerel with Thin White Noodles more
Simmered Soybeans more
Japanese Radish Salad with Soy Sauce Dressing more
Braised Pork & Tofu more
Ice Cream with Mashed Sweetened Red Bean Paste more
Braised Japanese Radish more
Salad with Thick White Noodles more
Chicken Saute with Soy Sauce more
Okinawa-Style Sauteed Carrot more
Deep-Fried Breaded Pork Tenderloin Cutlets more
Thick White Noodles with Chicken Soup more
Shrimp Tempura Bowl more
Boiled Egg with Soy Sauce more
Teriyaki Beef Steak more
Simmered Hijiki more
Deep-Fried Dumplings more
Buckwheat Noodles with Curry Soup more
Deep-Fried Tofu with Chicken & Carrots Seasoned Rice more
Pork Shabu-Shabu Salad more
Fried Spaghetti with Ketchup more
Dumplings & Vegetables One-Pot more
Deep–Fried Breaded Shrimp Curry & Rice more
Ramen with Japanese-Style Chop Suey more
Mixed Grain Rice Ball more
Pork Bowl more
Mashed Sweetened Red Bean Paste on Crackers more
Mixture of Onions & Carrots Tempura more
Braised Eggplant & Green Pepper more
Matcha Castella more
Crab One-Pot more
Seared Spinach & Shiitake Mushrooms with Butter & Soy Sauce more
Deep-Fried Marinated Chicken more
Mixed Grain Rice more
Tempura Bowl more
Fried Buckwheat Noodles more
Pan–Broiled Chicken & Cabbage with Miso more
Chicken Curry & Rice more
Soy Milk Soup with Salmon & Vegetables more
Deep-Fried Tuna Nuggets more
Mushroom-Seasoned Rice more
Sauteed Pork & Onion with Soy Sauce more
Chicken & Carrots Seasoned Rice more
Fried Rice Cakes Pizza more
Deep-Fried Breaded Prawn more
Seasoned Rice Stuffed Omelet more
Thin White Noodles with Soy Sauce Soup more
Japanese Radish Steak with Soy Sauce more
Sliced Raw Salmon Bowl more
Croquette Curry & Rice more
Deep-Fried Breaded Beef Cutlets more
Chicken Saute with Butter, Garlic & Soy Sauce more
Salt-Grilled Japanese Seaperch more
Chicken Tempura more
Simmered Carrots more
Karashi-Mentaiko Rice Ball more
Ramen with Long Green Onion, Char Siu & Boiled Egg more
Matcha Cheese Souffle more
Rice Soup with Chicken more
Steak Bowl more
Braised Eggplant & Ground Chicken with Sticky Sauce more
Thick White Noodles with Shrimp Tempura more
Yokan more
Okinawa Taco Rice more
Pork Meatballs & Napa Cabbage Soup more
Boiled Red Beans more
Melon Bun more
Deep-Fried Noodles with Japanese-Style Chop Suey more
Onion Salad with Soy Sauce Dressing more
Char Siu & Boiled Egg Bowl more
Braised Asparagus more
Yokkaichi-Style Pork Steak more
Fried Thick White Noodles more
White Sesame & Spinach Tofu Salad more
Castella more
Pan-Broiled Salmon & Vegetables more
Grilled Pork Chops with Marmalade & Soy Sauce Marinade more
Chicken & Carrots Seasoned Rice Ball more
Grilled Corn on the Cob with Soy Sauce more
Toast with Mashed Sweetened Red Bean Paste more
Japanese-Style Chop Suey more
Green Tea Steamed Cake Confection more
Braised Chicken & Eggplant more
Fried Eggs with Soy Sauce more
Salad with Buckwheat Noodles more
Matcha Banana Milk more
Rice - Flour Dumplings with Matcha Jelly more
Chicken Saute with Curry Powder more
Tofu & Avocado Soup more
Beef Shabu-Shabu Salad more
Squid & Celery Salad more
Simmered Sea Bream with Thin White Noodles more
Pan-Broiled Shrimps Bowl more
Mashed Sweetened Red Bean Paste, Banana & Whipped Cream Crepe more
Buckwheat Noodles with Shrimp Tempura more
Grilled Rice Ball more
Deep–Fried Ham Cutlets more
Pan-Broiled Shrimps & Cauliflower with Mayonnaise & Soy Sauce more
Mashed Sweetened Red Bean Paste more
Fried Noodles with Potato more
Japanese-Style Stew more
Simmered Chicken Wing Tips more
Tofu Salad with Sesame Seed & Miso Dressing more
Pork Cutlets Bowl more
Kishimen with Soy Sauce Soup more
Broccoli with Vinegar & Soy Sauce Dressing more
Milk Agar more
Cold Buckwheat Noodles more
Chicken Garlic Rice with Soy Sauce more
Pickled Japanese Shallots more
Sukiyaki Bowl more
Pork Cutlets Sandwich more
Shrimp Tempura more
Tuna & Mayonnaise Rice Ball more
Thick White Noodles with Egg Soup more
Pickled Japanese Radish more
Frosted Potatoes more
Japanese-Style Salmon Baked in Foil more
Matcha Liqueur more
Seared Spinach with Butter & Soy Sauce more
Nagoya-Style Chicken One-Pot more
Sauteed Pork with Ginger & Onion Sauce more
Grilled Chicken with Wasabi more
Tofu & Spinach Clear Soup more
Ramen with Sauteed Garlic Chives & Bean Sprouts more
Chicken Soy Sauce Soup with Egg more
Braised Onion more
Rice Soup with Oysters more
Hash & Rice more
Chicken Meatballs Pot Dish more
Spaghetti with Tarako Sauce more
Sauteed Garlic Chives & Bean Sprouts more
Thick White Noodles With Curry Soup more
Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes more
Sauteed Vegetables with Pork more
Miyazaki-Style Deep-Fried Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce more
Pork Ginger Saute more
Deep–Fried Tofu more
Tokyo-Style Ramen more
Rolled Omelet more
Japanese Curry & Rice more
Okinawa-Style Pancakes more
Soy Milk One-Pot more
Sliced Raw Tuna Bowl more
Japanese-Style Strawberry Cake more
Sponge Cake more
Groundnuts Tofu more
Japanese-Style Shrimp Fried Rice more
Sauteed Onion with Soy Sauce more
Deep-Fried Breaded Oysters more
Braised Chicken & Potatoes more
Sweet Potato Miso Soup more
Japanese-Style Meatballs more
Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Sauce more
Buckwheat Noodles with Soy Sauce Soup more
Braised Meat & Potatoes more
Shabu-Shabu more
Shrimp Ramen more
Fried Dumplings more
Japanese-Style Pancakes more
Deep-Fried Breaded Pork Cutlets more
Nagoya-Style Simmered Thick White Noodles with Miso Soup more
Tempura more
Teriyaki Chicken more
Tofu Miso Soup more
Matcha Quiche more
Sukiyaki more
Hakata-Style Chicken One-Pot more
Rice Balls more