“J-Simple Recipes” is the abbreviation for “Japanese Simple Recipes.”
We explain Japanese recipes you can easily cook, as well as typical meals, foodstuffs & table manners.

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Effective Date: January 16, 2012

J-Simple Recipes is a website dedicated to Japanese recipes. If you don't live in Japan, it may be hard for you to get foodstuffs and kitchen goods for Japanese cooking. Amazon.com includes a lot of goods for Japanese food, so J-Simple Recipes is taking part in its affiliate program and we include links to Amazon.com. If you visit Amazon.com through J-Simple Recipes, you will fall under their privacy practices and we will not be responsible for anything including such things as the contents, inventory, price, shipping orders, payment, product delivery, etc. It is your responsibility to review the privacy policies at Amazon.com to confirm that you understand and agree with this.